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My name is Justin, and I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for over 14 years. When I started out, I was told by my doctor that I could eat whatever I wanted, as long as I take insulin for it. And so, as a kid, I did exactly that. The results were disastrous. I was on a blood sugar roller coaster that stunted my growth, curbed my capacity to remember, and have caused untold damage beneath the surface from constant high blood sugars.

I struggled to the point of giving up, to the point of suicidal thoughts and depressed nihilism. And, worse yet, the doctors provided no useful advice. I lost all hope, convinced I was going to die before 40 with no feet or eyes. I fell deeper and deeper into despair, until I discovered Dr. Bernstein and the low-carb approach a few years ago.

The thought of cutting out carbs never even occurred to me, and no doctor ever mentioned it. But it made total sense. And, after cutting out the junk and following a strict low-carb, meat-based approach, my blood sugars have improved dramatically, without a ton of effort! It was like a miracle. The burden of looming doom was lifted off me, and I realized that I actually can have normal, healthy blood sugars. It changed my life forever.

To this day, type 1 diabetics are given similar, or even worse advice, than I was given 16 years ago. To this day, doctors do not tell us about the one approach that works better than all of the others. That ends here. If they won’t reveal the truth to diabetics, WE will. This page shall act as a driver of change, a message to type 1’s worldwide that says “You CAN normalize your blood sugars, and here’s how to do it.” This page will provide stories, support, and guidance, on following a low-carb approach as a type 1 diabetic.

In doing so, we aim to change the lives of millions, forever. We deserve to live a full and healthy life. We deserve to not be lied to by people who think we are hopeless, and that our illness will only get worse and worse. We deserve normal blood sugars.

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Excellent intro and website! Dr. Bernstein is saving lives. The standard advice given and the ADA diet was a disaster for me. Thank you for seeking and speaking the truth. All Diabetics deserve normal blood sugars. Low carb all the way!

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