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How Courtney Tamed Her and Her Child’s Type 1

Courtney was incredibly sick, suffering deep DKA when she was diagnosed at 13 years old. She started with lots of highs and lows, and eventually suffered bad memory, anxiety, depression, and weight gain. Nothing seemed to work, and she never got the help she truly needed. That is, until she found the low-carb way!

Now, her sugars are steady and she finally knows what it’s like to experience a flat line. Her vision got better, her mental health improved, and she is now caring for her diabetic daughter the same way, allowing her to stay in honeymoon!

Watch this inspiring story, learn how she manages her and her childs’ type 1, and listen to the common myths surrounding low-carb and diabetes be debunked one by one!

For visual reference, here’s pictures of her amazing daughter and her dexcom.

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